Original Press Release: https://csl.illinois.edu/news/illinois-leads-25-million-alliance

5-Year Extension: https://cs.illinois.edu/news/alliance-receives-5-year-extension-25.5m

In the future, military operations will rely less on human soldiers and more on interconnected technology, leveraging advances in embedded systems and machine intelligence in order to achieve superior defense capabilities. The Internet of Battlefield Things will connect soldiers with smart technology in armor, radios, weapons, and other objects, to shorten the latency of decision cycles, improve the resiliency of tactical battlefield analytics, and push tailored machine intelligence to the point of need. The initiative is a collaboration between the Army Research Lab, academia, and industry.


The IoBT CRA advances and transitions the scientific foundations of performant and resilient (intelligent) computational and sensing services, tailored for the future tactical network edge.

Tarek Abdelzaher, Consortium Lead

Research Areas

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Edge Efficiency
Reduce sensor-to-decision latency and increase efficiency of synthesis and intelligent processing on edge devices.

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Theoretical foundations, models, and methods for resiliency of tactical battlefield analytics in dynamic adversarial settings.

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AI @ Point of Need
Intelligent capabilities for IoBTs on the heterogeneous tactical edge via distributed and multi-modal sensor exploitation.

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IoBT is committed to validating the research results in realistic application settings inspired by future Army concepts.

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