IoBT RMB Review Meeting 2022: Readahead

Welcome to the Review Management Board (RMB) Meeting Readahead Page. Please find below, the following material:

  • Agenda (PDF)

  • Executive Summary of Alliance Research (PDF)

  • Presentations:
    Program Overview (PDF)
    Research Focus 1: Edge Efficiency & Timeliness (PDF)
    Research Focus 2: Resiliency of Tactical Battlefield Analytics (PDF)
    Research Focus 3: Intelligence at the Point of Need (PDF)
    Experimentation Overview (PDF)
    IoBT — Way Ahead (PDF)

  • Knowledge Products:
    (a) Efficiency (PDF)
    (b) Resiliency (PDF)
    (c) Intelligence (PDF)

  • Virtual “Demonstration Session” Page (Here)
  • Alliance Webpage (Here)