Student Videos

Posters here; Older demos here.


Resilience/Optimization: Risk-aware Task Placement

Demonstrates advantages of risk-aware placement of computations in IoBTs.


Resilience/Optimization: Resilience to Adversarial Workloads

Demonstrates placement of computations on the network edge in the presence of adversarial workloads. A presentation describes the underlying principles followed by a simple demonstration.


Resilience: Mitigating Platform-induced Uncertainty

Demonstrates effect of resilience mechanisms of reinforcement learning to unpredictability in platform execution times.



Efficiency: Compressive Offloading

Demonstrates roughly 10x efficiency gain in video offloading (best paper award, ACM Sensys 2020)



Efficiency: Live 360 Video Streaming and Action Detection

Demonstrates 360 videos being streamed from White Sands to UIUC and processed by action detection algorithms.



Efficiency: Efficient Multi-sensor Coverage of Region of Interest (RoI)

Demonstrates efficiency gains arising from collaboration among multiple cameras to optimize exfiltrated data while attaining coverage of a region of interest.



Efficiency: Attention-based Communication

This is a demonstration of middleware that reduces data communication needs between edge sensors and AI components by focusing attention on key parts of the scene only.


Testbeds: Connecting to the Meteorological Sensor Array

Demonstrates a data analysis and anomaly detection application running on UIUC on MSA sensor data.