Task 1.1: IoBT Network Synthesis

Task 1.2: Communication-efficient compressed task-aware IoBT operation

Task 1.3: Principles of Performance-Resilience Tradeoffs in IoBTs

Task 2.1: Principles of Robust Learning and Inference

Task 2.2: Enabling Safe and Responsible Use of Reinforcement Learning

Task 2.3: Optimization for learning, inferencing, and decision making

Task 3.1: Ubiquitous RF-based persistent and robust battlefield sensing

Task 3.2: Principles of Resilient Distributed Prediction Services for IoBTs

Task 3.3: Fundamentals of Uncertainty Quantification in Intelligent IoBTs

Task 3.4: Anomaly Detection in Adversarial Environments

Task 4.1: Infrastructure to Enable IoBT Data Collection and Validation